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Starplast has been in business since 1992. Although a more diverse and larger company than it once was, the company emphasis is still placed on three important principles. The very same principles on which the company was founded:

  - First: Always sell the very best quality products
  - Second: Price competitively
  - Third: Give good service and fast delivery.

In its early years, the company sold mainly only trash bags. As growth continued, the company expanded to a full line of take-out containers, paper goods, Cleaning chemicals and equipment, Bakery supplies, Construction supplies, Safety products and more... We carry over 700 products, all at the best price and quality.

Today, we sell to hundreds of Restaurants, Bakeries, Maintenance and Cleaning Companies, Hotels and Institutions, Contractors, Hardware Stores and many more...

For those of you that are new customers, we would like to welcome you into the Starplast family. We hope you will be satisfied and continue to do business with us for many years to come.

Featured products

Black Contractor Bags 18 X 16 X 45 2.8 Mil.

Black Contractor Bags 18 X 16 X 45 2.8 Mil.

Rubber coated blue palm Gloves 300 Pairs

Rubber coated blue palm Gloves 300 Pairs
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